Services I can provide:


Horse riding/lunging

I would normally ride for 1 hour but will do longer if required. I have been riding for 11 years,

and can offer dressage, jumping, cross country, flatwork, pole work. I will normally lunge for

20 minutes unless required to do longer;


I love grooming so i would put my everything into grooming your horse. 

I don't believe in letting a horse go to bed with mud all over and feet not picked out,

so you can be assured your horse will be groomed to the highest standard;

Mucking out

I will muck out to your standards - whether it's straw, shavings or something different.

I ensure that I work to BHS standards.


Poo picking and poisonous plant removal are very important to your horse.

I would take care of both tasks and check for any additional dangers including checking fences,

gates, water supply etc;


Making up of feeds and making sure the horse/s are ok both during and after eating;

Turning out/Bringing in

I turn out and bring horses in, check all safety elements and work to a very high standard;

Stable management lessons

These are a great idea if you would like to know more about getting the best from your

stable facilities, or perhaps to make sure you are doing things safely. 

All our stable management sessions are held on your yard/stable so we can personalise

our advice to suit the facilities you have available on-location;

Looking after yards/stables while you are away

If you are planning on going away, be it for 1 night or 7 nights, i would look after

your yard/stable - making sure everything is how it should be and the horse/s are happy. 

The all-inclusive price advertised for this includes grooming, mucking out, riding etc;

Early morning checks/Late night checks

I would come and check the horse/s are well and alert, safe, free from injury and check water,

hay etc taking into account any specific requirements your horse may have (eg allergies etc);


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